Harmony XL Laser Light Treatments

Harmony XL is one of the world’s most widespread, sophisticated and expandable platforms for clinical and aesthetic laser light treatments. It offers twelve different technologies that are evidence based. These include skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, acne treatments, laser hair removal, wrinkle reduction and more.

Pixel 2940 fractional skin resurfacing laser.

This treatment includes a series of two to four pain-free counterparts that gradually stimulate new cells to replace aged and photo-damaged skin, with no patient downtime.

The High Power Pixel 2940 is a pre-programmed laser energy patented Pixel micro optics lens array that penetrates the skin and affecting just 15 – 20 percent of the surface. It creates a micro-injury without disturbing the surrounding tissue. Those micro-injured areas start the process of healing and the untreated area acts as a pool for rapid restoration. As collagen remodels, skin tightens and texture improves.

Ablation Zone 9 x 9 mm

Penetration Depth 20 – 50 microns

Post Treatment There is little discomfort, and no analgesia, gels or other disposables required.

NIR – Near-infrared

The near infrared ST/SST (Skin Tightening) hand pieces emit light near infrared spectrum to deliver uniform energy distribution that effectively target lipids and connective tissue. They exert their biological effect on the skin through two major mechanisms

1 Heat-induced collagen shrinkage and micro-thermal injury

2 Dermal regeneration, repair and remodelling

The ST/SST (cooled) produces dramatic, yet comfortable deep dermal heating without damage to the epidermis.

AFT – Advanced Fluorescence Technology

AFT takes unused short-wavelength of light and through a special filtering system converts it into usable range. This increases emission and penetration for safer and more effective treatments.

AFT also delivers Fluence all over that ensures every pulse has uniform energy density across the entire output that gives repetitive results.

Hair removal

Hair removal is a popular light-based aesthetic procedure in the world. Intense pulsed light is by far the highly well known method of performing photo-epilation. Using a 650 – 950 nm AFT hand piece, Harmony XL delivers quick, effective results for permanent hair reduction on all skin types.

How it works

In AFT hair removal, a large rectangular pulse of broad-spectrum light is applied to the surface of the skin. The energy travels through the epidermis and dermis eventually striking the hair follicle that contains a dense, melanin-rich hair shaft and bulb. This melanin absorbs the light and briefly spikes in temperature, destroying the hair-producing cells surrounding the follicle. No damage occurs outside the follicle area.


The AFT Acne Hand piece uses Intense blue wavelengths (420 – 950 nm) and targets the porphyrins produced as part of the normal metabolism of p. acnes bacteria. The interaction of the intense blue light and the porphyrins creates singlet oxygen that rapidly destroys the bacteria without damaging the surrounding tissue.

This treatment is Non-invasive with no topical or systemic drugs needed, and has no adverse effects or downtime.

Vascular and pigmented lesions

Four hand pieces on Harmony can treat a wide range of vascular and pigmented lesions, as well as other skin abnormalities. These types of applications are treated in a medical setting.

The AFT VP and the new, cooled VP hand pieces (540 – 950 nm) take advantage of strong absorption of both melanin and oxyhemoglobin in the 540 – 600 nm range. They successfully treat many vascular and pigmented lesions such as

Port wine stains, hemangiomas, telangeictasias, Lentigos, melasma, seborriheic keratoses, and more.

For superficial lesions, the shifting of much of the energy to shorter wavelengths still has strong melanin/oxyhemoglobin absorption, yet penetrate less deeply. If the lesions are stubborn lesions, the SVL hand pieces are designed to complement the VP to offer additional range.

Leg veins

Treat leg veins with long-pulsed 1064-nm light. The Nd:YAG

1064 laser hand piece coagulates and destroys large, deep, yet cosmetically unacceptable blood vessels and leg veins without the use of chemicals or needles. This easy-to-use, ergonomic hand piece effectively coagulates oxygenated reddish telangiectasias, as well as deoxygenated bluish venule ectasia and reticular veins up to 4 mm diameter. In addition to the standard 2 mm spot, you now have the option of choosing the NEW 5 x 5 Pixel fractionated tip that delivers a 5 x 5 array of tightly grouped micro-pulses to the target.


The UVB hand piece uses high-power, spectral irradiance in the UVB and UVA wavebands to target and treat dermatoses such as psoriasis, leukoderma, vitiligo, stretch marks, atopic dermatitis (eczema), seborrheic dermatitis and hypopigmented scars.


The Q-Switched Nd:YAG hand piece on Harmony XL uses two discrete wavelengths to treat a broad range of tattoo colours, including:

Dark colours like black, blue and green with 1064-nm wavelength and b brighter colours like red, orange and yellow with 532-nm wavelength.

Tattoo ink and natural pigmentation like melanin absorb short pulse duration/high peak energy Q-switched pulses so quickly that they create a photo-acoustic effect within the pigment clusters. This breaks down the ink into much smaller particles that can be more easily removed by the body’s natural filtering system.

1320 Nd YAG

1320 Nd: YAG hand piece can be used to treat fine lines, wrinkles and photo-aged skin, as well as mild acne scars. When used to treat aesthetic imperfections, including periorbital and perioral wrinkles, the 1320nm wavelength achieves deep penetration and targets selected water-containing tissue by raising the dermal temperature.

In addition to the standard 6 mm spot, you now have the option of choosing the NEW 5 x 5 Pixel fractionated tip, which delivers a 5 x 5 array of tightly grouped micro-pulses to the target.

What the experts say

Irv Wiesman, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Chicago, IL

“The Harmony XL has been an invaluable addition to my practice. Its multiplatform technology allows me to treat a wide array of skin and body issues in my medical spa. My practice consists of approximately 80% aesthetics and the Harmony XL was more than worth the investment!”

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